JavaScript Bible - JavaScript Bootcamp 2020

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This course covers everything you need to know about JavaScript and become either Frontend Web developer, or Full-stack Web Developer, or Backend developer.This course includes more than 70 CHALLENGES and all exercise files are available in Git repositories.We will start from the very beginning and you will learn fundamentals and basic concepts of JavaScript.Than you will learn new features included in ES6, ES7 etc.Also we will dive into the Node.js - environment for JavaScript code execution and you will understand what is the difference between Web Browser and Node.js.In separate sections we will discuss Babel, NPM, Webpack and MongoDB. Also you will learn most popular JavaScript framework - React.JavaScript Bible was designed for developers with different levels of JavaScript knowledge.If you are BEGINNER in JavaScript - start with very first section called JavaScript Basics.In case you have SOME experience with JavaScript - jump directly in the sections where I cover ES6 topics such as rest/spread parameters, arrow functions, ES6 Classes etc.If you are experienced MIDDLE or SENIOR developer with years of JavaScript development background - jump directly into the Challenges and test your knowledge. Each challenge has task and solution in separate Git branches.All videos have different labels:LECTURE:in those videos I explain different features and concepts of the language. Main main goal in those videos is to teach you HOW specific feature work under the hood. I don't teach HOWTOUSE feature. Instead I teach you WHY and HOW specific feature works.PRACTICE: here I will dive into the coding and show you different real-world examples of the usage of specific feature. Usually I will present to you several examples for each specific feature. I strongly recommend you to follow me in those videos and code along with me.CHALLENGE: each challenge (except simple and short challenges) has STARTand FINISH branches with task and solution. PLEASE don't skip challenges even if you are already familiar with the topic. Try to solve each challenge yourself.DEMO: in some videos I will demonstrate you examples where you don't necessarily need to follow me and code along with meIf you want to become an Expert in JavaScript, please join this course now!See you onboard!


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