Javascript beginner to Pro + 2 real world javascript project

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hi welcome to this JavaScript basic to pro coursein this course we start from very basic stuff to advanced and then we will have two beautiful example that i will explainfirst we talk about prefaces and all output method like inner HTML , document write , window alert and then console logafter that we go for all web development tools that you need to know about to be a professional JavaScript programmerweb development tools like GIT a control version app , ECMA Script 6 , Gulp  Grunt and Node JSafter talking about all this , we go to basic of every programming language like variables , constants ,all kind of operators , Functions , arrays , all the conditional commands , and all kind of loops  at the end of this basic section we make some example for you to know how to work with them togetherafter that we go for more advanced stuff like Document object model we will have its own section for you to know everything about itafter that we will talk about Ajax and we will talk about some example of itthen we go for J Query that is so much important for you to knownow that you know everything about java script we will arrive at the fun part of course that first we design a very beautiful calculator that is with JavaScript and you will use all the knowledge you have on itthe we design a to do list app with JavaScriptat the end with these examples you will be a JavaScript professional programmer with experience


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